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Video | MINT med TI-Nspire - Experiment

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, STEM

Utöka programmering till STEM-experiment genom att läsa data från sensorer med hjälp av TI-Innovator Hub

Widdget exempel - Vågrörelser

Publisher: T³ Sverige

Topic:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, Engineering, Physics, STEM

Exemplet visar vågrörelser där man bl.a. tar hänsyn till hur ljuset bryts.

Transversals in Triangles

Author: Dieter Bergmann

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: 2D shapes, Algebra, Analysis, Analytic Geometry, Animations, Calculus, Chaos, Derivative, Didactics, Dynamic Simulations, Dynamic Systems, Equations, Function Plotter, Functions, Geometry, Graphing, Sharing Inspiration 2017, Solving equations, Triangle, Zeros

Simple properties of medians, central verticals, angle bisectors and heights are shown.The idea is to show that it is not self-evident, that transversal lines in a triangle intersect in one…

TI-Innovator Hub/BLE Control Panel

Author: Stephen Arnold

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, STEM

This Lua document offers quick and easy access to all of the TI Innovator Hub functions and is a suitable template for Lua authors seeking to implement the Hub in their teaching and learni…

The New Content Portal

Author: HR Geyer

Topic:  Other

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2017, Engineering, Physics, STEM

A short presentation of the new content portal