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Recording of Sharing Inspiration: Temperature, what it means and how we measure it

Temperature, what it means and how we measure it. History of the development of the concept of temperature, from Hippocrates to Fahrenheit and the modern day.

Publisher: T³ Europe

Editor: Ian Galloway

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Ice, Environment, Temperature, Sharing Inspiration 2022

Klimatförändringar - exempel med temperaturdata

Ma 2 - Statistik - Den här övningen passar utmärkt att genomföra i kurs 2. Viktiga begrepp är linjär regression, korrelation och sannolikheter vid slumpmässiga försök.

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Curriculum, Data, Environment, Exercise, Randomness, Statistics, Climate

Hurricane force

Investigate data from weather stations including wind speeds in different units

Publisher: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Author: Linda Tetlow

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Environment, Exponential, Measures, STEM