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Das Grundgesetz der Mechanik (2. NEWTON’sches Axiom)

In dem Experiment wird die Messung von beschleunigender Kraft und erzielter Beschleunigung während eines dynamischen Vorgangs gezeigt.

Publisher: T³ Deutschland

Topic:  Physics, STEM

Tags: Physics, Data collection, Newton's law

It's a Sticking Point

Learn about Amontons’ two laws and find out why weight is not thrown forwards when stopping. We will discuss Jeremy Clarkson’s erroneous views on stopping distances and use TI STEM technolo…

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Data collection, Dynamic Systems, Newton's law, Physics, Test of hypothesis, TI-Innovator Rover

Newtons metod-ekvationslösning | TI-Nspire

Ma 4 | Derivator och Integraler | Hur man kan lösa ekvationer numeriskt med hjälp av derivata.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Curriculum, Derivative, Integral calculus, Newton's law

Modellera en avkylningsprocess

Ma 5 - Differentialekvationer - Ett klassiskt exempel på en tillämpning på en differentialekvation av första ordningen.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Author: Texas Instruments Inc.

Topic:  Chemistry, Mathematics, STEM

Tags: Data collection, Curriculum, Programming, Data, Differential equations, Euler method, Exercise, Newton's law