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Adaptive Cruise Control for TI-Rover using Python

Keep TI-Rover within a controlled distance from another (front) object, using a state-machine model in Python

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Topic:  STEM

Tags  Coding ,  Python ,  STEM ,  TI-Innovator Rover

Adaptive cruise control for TI-Rover uses a 4-state state-machine model to keep Rover within a defined distance from an object (a moving block, a wall, another Rover)
- state 0: object too far (or no object detected). RGB LED is red. Rover does not move.
- state 1: object within range. RGB LED is green. Rover does not move.
- state 2: object beyond range. RGB LED is yellow. Rover moves closer to object (forward).
- state 3: object too close. RGB LED is yellow. Rover moves away from object (backwards).


see a short video here

rv_adaptive_cruise_control by Hans-Martin Hilbig, June 2021

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