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Perseverance & Ingenuity – Control a Tello drone with TI-Innovator

Year 2021 – NASA brings a rover and a drone to Mars, for the first time ever. What would be more exciting than to bring this technological challenge to the STEM classroom?

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Topic:  Computer Science  STEM

Tags  Coordinate systems ,  Python ,  STEM ,  TI-Innovator ,  TI-Innovator Rover

Let the students figure out how to maneuver the TI-Rover (aka Perseverance) with the Tello (aka Ingenuity) Drone onboard thru a parcours to a place where Ingenuity should take-off, hover, fly over areas impossible to reach with Rover and return to a place where it is safe to land. NASA’s Mars mission has inspired me to create Python and Arduino code for the TI-Innovator system to model a rover-drone interaction controlled by a Nspire CX handheld or a Nspire desktop along with a TI-Hub, an ESP8266 NodeMCU and a Tello or Tello EDU drone.

Watch a demo video here: 

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