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Using Real World Data

Curriculum opportunities in both mathematics and science and also to cross-curricular dimensions: healthy lifestyles; global dimension and sustainable development; technology and the media; creativity

Publisher: Texas Instruments UK

Author: Linda Tetlow, Ian Galloway, Adrian Oldknow

Topic:  Mathematics  STEM


The data handling features of TI-Nspire and the emphasis in secondary curriculum on real-life contexts, curriculum opportunities and cross-curricular dimensions, all combine to give a strong rationale for introducing activities using TI-Nspire which use real data and link STEM subjects.

There is a wealth of data available on the Internet in a variety of forms. TI-Nspire can make use of this data as it has the facility to copy and paste information from tables and spreadsheets into a Lists & Spreadsheet page. It is then possible to manipulate, display and analyse this data in a variety of ways using facilities from ‘Data & Statistics’. It is also possible to further analyse or attempt to model the data by inserting movable lines, plotting functions or fitting a variety of functions using different forms of regression

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