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Derive User Group Newsletter #39 - Revised version 2018

Publisher: Josef Böhm

Author: Josef Böhm

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags  Algebra

1 Letter of the Editor
2 Editorial - Preview
3 DERIVE & T I-92 User Forum Adrian Oldknow
7 A SNOG with a STAR model Monika Barthofer & Kathrin Leitner
15 Metamorphoses on my TI-92 Albert Rich
16 Note on 3D-Plots with DERIVE S. A. Ibrahim & P. F. de Córdoba
18 Fresnel Integrals David Halprin
23 River Meander and Elastica Rüdiger Baumann
30 Le Chiffre Indéchiffrable Thomas Weth
34 Rhodoneas Stefan Welke
38 Winding Numbers and Area of Nonconvex Polygons Heinz-Dieter Hinkelmann
43 CBL-Experiments (Basic Equipment) Johannes Wiesenbauer
45 Titbits of Algebra and Number Theory 18

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