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Lua Scripting for Math, Science and STEM Education - Part 3

Lua scripting empowers teachers and students in developing simulations and interactive documents and in exploring mathematics and science concepts.

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: T³ Europe

Topic:  Computer Science  Mathematics  STEM


  • Create new teaching and learning opportunities
  • Scripts to engage math and science activities and simulations
  • Create dynamic, interactive programs to meet specific curriculum needs Scripts for wireless data collection
  • Develop custom applications via the simple-to-use Lua scripting programming and gaming platform

Lua scripts can be inserted in free, downloadable TI-Nspire documents (.tns) and can communicate with the other built-in applications. 

The training session is designed as a very gentle introduction to Lua for the TI-Nspire platform. Even those without a programming background should be able to follow these lesson. Some familiarity with TI-Nspire native tools are helpful. 

We will train educators to produce animations/scripts that fit the curriculum and to develop the right strategy to use scripts and we will encourage the use of scripts in lessons to engage students for better conceptual understanding. 

Part 3 - Advanced
Using the timer to create animations, working with images, and simple BlueTooth controls

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