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Profile Of : Franklin Neyt


Franklin Neyt

Oudenaarde, Belgium

Teacher and STEM-coordinator of the TI STEM lab in Oudenaarde. 
Master degree in elektronics and ICT 
Programming is a hobby. 

RGB Array bargraph mathematical analyse

The mathematical analysis to start programming a RGB bargraph on the TI RGB array. The sensor value between 0 and 4096 is divided in a color range from red to orange to yellow and green.

Publisher: Franklin Neyt, Franklin Neyt

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Coding, Complex analysis

RGB Array bargraph program

After the mathematical analysis how to set up an RGB bargraph with difertent colors in this tutorial the actual program is explained and the outcome is documented by using a potentiometer a…

Publisher: Franklin Neyt

Topic:  STEM

Tags: STEM, TI STEM Lab, Youtube

RGB Array electric car light model

In this tutorial the explanation of the car light simulation. The RGB array is used as a model of all the lights that are possible present on an electric car.

Publisher: Franklin Neyt

Topic:  STEM

Tags: STEM, Sustainable, Youtube

TI Innovator HUB : RGB Energy monitoring system

Use the TI Innovator HUB to measure an analog voltage, display the value of the ADC on screen and callibrate it back to voltage. Use a tension divider and use the RGB led to give a indicati…

Publisher: Franklin Neyt

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Energy, STEM, Youtube

TI Innovator HUB : Folow the sun (brightness sensors)

When you use two brightness sensors (external) you can easy track the sun. It's very easy in comparison with use of 1 brightness sensor.

Publisher: Franklin Neyt

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Energy, Engineering, TI STEM Lab, Youtube

Update the TI-Innovator sketch on the HUB

The procedure of updating the Innovator HUB

Publisher: Franklin Neyt

Topic:  STEM

Tags: TI-Innovator