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Perseverance & Ingenuity – Control a Tello drone with TI-Innovator

Year 2021 – NASA brings a rover and a drone to Mars, for the first time ever. What would be more exciting than to bring this technological challenge to the STEM classroom?

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Topic:  Computer Science, STEM

Tags: Coordinate systems, Python, STEM, TI-Innovator, TI-Innovator Rover

Coding the Sounds of Music (with TI-Nspire CXII Python)

Students will explore creating sounds and music with the TI-Innovator Hub while exploring introductory coding concepts and the science of speakers, microphones and human hearing.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Topic:  Computer Science, STEM

Tags: Coding, Electromagnetism, Frequency, Programming, Python, Sound, STEM, TI-Innovator

Dashboards made easy with creating textboxes on TI-Nspire CXII canvas

This resource provides a textbox() object module along with examples, to be used on TI-Nspire CXII to write text to the Canvas display in a dashboard like layout.

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig, John Hanna

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Coding, Data collection, STEM, Python

Grove 4-digit Display - Migrating an Arduino library to Nspire Python

This project demonstrates the steps involved with migrating an existing driver library from Arduino to TI-Nspire Python, creating a 4-digit display library for the TI-Innovator system.

Publisher: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Topic:  Computer Science, STEM

Tags: Coding, Engineering, Python, STEM, Technology, TI-Innovator

Accelerometer library for TI-Innovator under Python

Accelerometers probably are the most versatile sensors available for STEM classes today. This project is delivering a Python driver library for the ADXL335 sensor.

Publisher: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig, Veit Berger

Topic:  Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Angles, Data collection, Dynamic Systems, Euler method, Programming, Python, STEM, TI-Innovator, Transformations, Trigonometry

Der Raumigel unter Python

Die zweidimensionale Turtle- oder Igelgrafik ist ein häufig genutztes Werkzeug im Informatikunterricht. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden die Erweiterung zur 3D-Igelgrafik sowie Anwendungen vo…

Publisher: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Author: Veit Berger, Hans-Martin Hilbig

Topic:  Computer Science, Mathematics, STEM

Tags: 3D Geometry, 3D objects, Algorithm, Coding, Enlargement and reduction, Geometry, Python, STEM, T3, TI-Innovator, Trigonometry

Hedgehog - a 3D graphics library in Python

This project takes the idea of turtlegraphics to the next level, providing a 3D-Graphics library to draw and animate 3-dimensional objects on a TI-Nspire CXII graphics screen.

Publisher: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Author: Hans-Martin Hilbig, Veit Berger

Topic:  Computer Science, Mathematics, STEM

Tags: 3D Geometry, 3D objects, Algorithm, Coding, Geometry, Polygons, Programming, Python, STEM, T3, TI-Innovator, Trigonometry

Grundkonzepte der Objektorientierten Programmierung mit Python

Die Grundkonzepte der Objektorientierten Programmierung mit Python werden thematisiert. Dabei geht es sowohl um deren Vermittlung als auch um ausgewählte didaktische Aspekte des Unterrichts…

Publisher: T³ Deutschland - Materialien

Author: Veit Berger

Topic:  Computer Science, STEM

Tags: Programming, Python

Digital Mood Ring - TI-Nspire CXII Python

Bring science and coding together (no coding experience necessary) while developing a mood ring! The science of color mixing is explored while determining the right body temperature thresho…

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Coding, Programming, Python, STEM, TI-Innovator

Modules de gestion de la carte BBC micro:bit.

Modules de gestion des cartes BBC micro:bit V1 et/ou V2.
Inclut le fichier ti_runtime_1.0.0.hex ou ti_runtime_2.3.0.hex, indispensable(s) pour programmer avec l'une des cartes BBC micro:bi…

Publisher: Texas Instruments France

Editor: Texas Instruments France

Author: Frederick Fotsch

Topic:  Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, SNT, Mathematics

Tags: Algorithm, Programming, Python, BBC micro:bit

Module complémentaire "Turtle" pour le programmation graphique

Réaliser un script utilisant le module complémentaire "Turtle" (effectuer un dessin) avec la TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Editor: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Author: Carlos Coelho, T3 France

Topic:  Mathematics, SNT, Physics

Tags: Algorithm, Programming, Python