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Forensic science

Author: Cathy Baars

Topic:  Other, STEM

Tags: Material to order, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Materials used during Sharing Inspiration 2019 about Forensic science

Sharing Inspiration 2019 ...for Policy Maker

Publisher: T³ Europe

Topic:  STEM

Tags: STEM, T3, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Collection of materials and presentations shared and discussed at the Policy Maker's day of the conference Sharing Inspiration 2019 - The Power of Realization.

The T³ content database - Workshop at Sharing Inspiration 2019

Author: Christof Deiwiks

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Take a closer look at the T³ content database and learn how you can distribute your own material.

Experiments in Biology Lessons

Author: Hans-Ulrich Lampe

Topic:  Biology

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Activities of BiuTi – T³ Germany Biology: Some biology experiments using the TI-Nspire Technology and the Vernier Sensors to provide an insight into the activities of the German T³- Biology…

Closing remarks Sharing Inspiration 2019

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  Other

Tags: Equations, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Closing remarks bringing to an end 4 days of intense discussion and debate. One day spent at the Jacques Delors building with policy makers and the next three with educators in the Crowne…

How and why transition from TI-84 to TI-Nspire CX

Author: Epi van Winsen

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Software, Calculus, Constructions, Curve fitting, Differentiate, Differentiation, Limit, Modelling, Parabola, Sharing Inspiration 2019

Results of the discussion group DG1.8 at Sharing Inspirations 2019.
Theme: Transition from TI-84 to TI-Nspire.

From the first steps with Rover to autonomous driving (parallel parking)

Author: Ralph Huste, Hubert Langlotz

Topic:  STEM, Computer Science

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

Starting with simple commands to let the Rover move we will try to show how a simple
model of autonomous driving can be realized.

Who is drowning in our trash?

Publisher: T³ USA

Author: Jessica Kohout, Kevin Spry

Topic:  Biology, STEM

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

The global real-world issue of human-generated trash, polluting local bodies of water, is the main focus of this hands-on session.

Are Mathematical and Scientific Models different?

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  STEM

Tags: Modelling, Parabola, Physics, Quadratic, Software, Tangent, Vector calculus

Using the fitting of curves to cables this activity examines the nature of scientific and mathematical modeling. Either student instruction or CPD for professionals.

Content Database User Guide

Publisher: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

This guide is intended to give a short and quick introduction into our content database.

Natural number biased?

Publisher: Universität Innsbruck

Author: Florian Stampfer

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Number, Sharing Inspiration 2019

A technology-aided identification of profiles with respect to rational numbers